At the age of 17, I met my dear husband, Marc Du Pré, as a Tai box teacher in the dojo.
Everything you see on this website is thanks to Him. He taught me everything and I continue to develop it. As the sower who sows on good ground and as one recognizes the tree at its fruits, I am infinitely grateful to Him, with all my heart and soul. Without Him I would not have become what I am now!
Now, according to his good example, I sow at my turn and I encourage everyone. This way, the world will become better!
Do not blindly stare at someone's experiences. We are, as divine creations, constantly on the road, to acquire as many experiences as possible.


We come from a Divine Source, as living water that continues to flow. First, as a small stream, and the more we gain in strength and experience, the wider the river becomes, until, after many experiments, it throws itself into the infinite ocean and becomes ONE with the infinite God.


You are never too old to learn, life is one big school at the service of the Unit. Everyone has talents, you just have to know how to discover them, to develop them and then to sow them further like a 'never ending tune'!

Do not underestimate yourself.

Life here on earth is a gift, take all the advantages, use this chance. Help from above is always present in difficult times, just knock on the door (hexagram 4 of the I Ching - the student asks the teacher for help and listens like a child). Let you guide by your personal guardian angel and your senior guides, and you will feel you’re guided.
Like a small boat on the sea, you will survive all strong storms.
I encourage everyone to develop one self. Everything is present in your DNA, just unlock!

Free yourself, fight for your liberation, do not let anything stop you from your development (hexagram 48/4), believe in yourself.





Many thanks to Sanne, my best friend, for her work and time to create this website.