Masen Mirjam, 1969, Belgium





·         General Secondary Education


·         Eastern Martial Arts:  Tai-boxe, Bokendo (Japanese stickfighting), Kung Fu, Karaté, 


Tai–Chi, yoga and meditation zazen under Senseï ‘The Yahuar’ (Marc Du Pré)


·         I Ching: yin-yang codex of life, with my teacher M. Du Pré


·         Art directions:  Sculpture in stone, wood, clay, oil painting, ecoline, aquarelle, acrylic, silk painting, paper art, ceramics, raku, mosaic, stained glass, calligraphy, photography, garden feng-shui with bonsai (20 years experience) under guidance of MarcDu Pré


I Ching musicology: I Ching applied on music theory on harp and piano (for me personally)




Work Experience:


Educator for:


·         Basic courses I Ching, wisdom for live


·         Martial Arts: different disciplines (liberation of fears and agressivity,pour la libération des angoisses et de l’agressivité, to obtain more harmony and feeling yourself better)


·         Cosmic dance


·         I Ching musicology for harp




Assistant in the worldwide work of Joshu Genku (M. Du Pré)




I.W.C.C.: I Ching World Counseling Center: national / international teaching and  consultancy service




Member of Palette d’Or (Artist group in France on a high level of painting skills), Palette d’Or Elite, Ting of Jade: complete self-realization, nominated by my Master Jeshouah Joshu Genku (




 Music experience:


Percussion, saxophone, piano, harp, mantra-vibration and chanting